Cumulus Funding is now Align Income Share Funding

We are incredibly excited to announce that Cumulus Funding is now Align Income Share Funding!

Although we have a fresh new look, name, and website, we are still the same company at heart. Our passionate team will continue to offer the same flexible Income Share Agreements as we always have.

This change has been a long time in the making. Our brand didn’t simply change overnight. We embarked on this process over the summer, and we wanted to share a bit of the “behind the scenes” with you, to help you become better acquainted with our new look.

The name “Cumulus Funding” was chosen at the beginning of our company to bring to mind clouds in the sky. People tend to look up when thinking about their hopes and dreams, and we wanted our company name to reflect that idea. It’s a good name, but over the years we realized it doesn’t help us stand out from the many companies offering traditional personal loans.

We are different, and we want our name to reflect that.

We pride ourselves in standing out in many ways from other companies providing consumers money, including having exceptional, friendly customer service, offering a product that is more flexible and more forgiving than a traditional personal loan, and being the only company that offers Income Share Agreements to the general working population for just about any use. We believe that we can sum up this idea in one phrase.

We are ALIGNED with our customers. When our customers win, so do we. When our customers experience a setback, we share in the tough times. We are committed to working in our customers’ best interests.

The name “Align Income Share Funding” does a better job of telling the world that we are different and that we are in our customers’ corner.

In addition, although looks aren’t everything, we are also excited about the fresh new color scheme and look that complements our new name. We worked with Breakout Studio, a marketing agency in our hometown of Chicago, to help us craft the entire brand and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

We are very excited about these changes and hope you like them too.

Welcome to Align.