Land Better Jobs Quickly. SnagPad and Cumulus Funding

Here at Cumulus Funding we stay up to speed with the forefront of online employment services. After all, our success depends on our clients’ success, so we’re always looking for great employment services that can aid our clients’ career paths.

We’ve recently formed a partnership with a company called SnagPad, the creators of a tool that helps clients better manage their job search process. The SnagPad application consolidates information from online employment services like CareerBuilder and Monster, and features an interactive, centralized process administration tool. Clients can use this product if they’re unemployed and seeking re-employment, or even if they are currently working but would like to find a better-paying or more enjoyable career.

SnagPad offers a consultative approach, coaching job seekers through the process using the strategies and best-practices that have proven the most effective over time. Because SnagPad integrates directly with a number of job posting services as well as with social media and other contacts, SnagPad is able to utilize a multi-pronged strategy that has demonstrable efficacy. The application also helps job seekers effectively manage their time, creates targets and milestones, and even analyzes which job postings might prove the most useful for the candidate.

According to strategies outlined by Forbes and CareerBuilder, SnagPad is well equipped to deliver better outcomes for job seekers by guiding them down multiple parallel paths simultaneously. By creating a centralized hub that tracks and organizes all elements of the job seeking process, from the creation of online profiles to resume writing, submitting applications, analyzing postings and even scheduling and preparing for job interviews, SnagPad presents users with a unique and valuable tool. SnagPad has a focus on tangibly improving the careers of its users – an idea that is near and dear to us at Cumulus Funding.