Everything you need to know about earning airline miles

There are plenty of different ways to earn travel rewards without ever leaving your home. The traditional way to earn points is through credit card sign-up bonuses and spending. However, with a little time and effort you can earn points in a variety of other ways.

One of the easiest ways to earn extra points is through online shopping. You can maximize points and miles by using an airlines online shopping mall or portal. It can really pay off to use their site to make big purchases online. If you are already planning to make a big purchase online, like buying a patio set or a new bed, do it through the portal and earn airline miles at the same time. What’s great about these portals is, you can use almost any credit card and still receive the points. You can use EVReward to compare how many points or miles each portal will give you after your purchase.

Another simple way to earn airline miles is through Dining rewards. All you have to do is sign up through your credit card company and receive rewards when you use your card at eligible restaurants. Some cards even count delivery dining as a way to earn bonus points. It’s best to go to your card’s website for more information on which dining rewards options you have available.

If you are planning on donating to charity, you can earn some miles while doing so. American Airlines offers 10 miles per dollar donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation, the USO, and the National Foundation for Cancer Research. If you’re already planning to make a donation to a charity, this can be an easy way to earn some extra miles. Check with your credit card or with the airline you use most often to see what charity donations may yield airline points.

In addition, Points.com can be a great way to exchange or trade points and miles. This isn’t to say that you should use it to transfer large balances between programs, since the exchange rate can sometimes end up diminishing how many points you have. However, if you have points from programs that you know you will never use, or are about to expire, this can be a great way to convert them into useable points.

Each card has their own set of rules to follow when it comes to earning points. Check your credit card’s website for more information on where you can earn airline miles. Each airline also offers points for using their company, for more information on the best ways you can earn points with the airlines you most frequently use, check their website.