How to Save Money On a Dream Vacation

Taking a weekend away with your loved one can spark romance, but can also burn a hole in your pocket. If you’re dreaming of a vacation with your love, but living life on a budget, it may feel like you may not have a lot of options. With a little money and a lot of careful planning you can be on your way to a fun destination, without breaking the bank.

First, make a budget. Decide how much you’re willing to spend on your transportation, hotels, restaurants, and any other things you may need. Do you want to rent a car or would you rather drive to your destination? Do you want a hotel room with just a bed, or would you prefer a larger room with a kitchenette, so that you can cook your own meals? Do you want to spend money on airfare, or travel somewhere closer to home? These decisions will drastically affect how much you spend. You can use this calculator to get an approximation on how much it may be to take your dream trip.

You can drastically reduce the cost of your travel if you take advantage of off-season prices. You can get cheap hotels and airfare to cold-weather cities during the winter. Restaurants, theater and museums in these cities don’t close down just because of a little snow! Check websites like,, or Hipmunk to score great prices on off-season flights and destinations. A four-star hotel is not necessary for these types of weekend getaways, you can save even more by going to a local bed and breakfast or booking through Airbnb.

You can also check Groupon for packages. Local Wineries and resorts will sometimes offer couples deals and packages that include things like breakfast, drinks at the in-hotel bar or spa packages. This can be a great way to get some peace and quiet without digging deep into your pockets. If it’s warm out, check out a national park in your area. They offer great camping options, including RV rental or even small cabins. You can take in a weekend of nature and hiking without paying too much.

Another option is to take a romantic cruise! Cruises are one of the more affordable getaway options out there because of the all-inclusive packages they offer. offers discounts on cruises, especially last minute bookings. Prices depend on which port is closest to your home, but if the port is close enough to drive you could save even more on airfare. Traveling outside of school vacation windows will also save you a pretty penny on cruises.

Remember, there are plenty of ways to save, and your dreams can come true with careful planning. You can make more money with a side job to save or cut back on luxuries like that Starbucks coffee addiction you may have. Have a yard sale! Drive for Uber! Grab a seasonal job! You will be able to finally take that romantic vacation without putting it all on your credit card.